Price Guidelines

Pricing is difficult without seeing the parts some areas may need to be masked or further disassembled before blasting.

Its not just about the look the parts need to work and if the process is not applied professionally irreparable damage may occur. We have years of experience and we will ensure your components not just look as new, but will continue to function as they should.

Our prices are very competitive and start from a little as £10. We offer free and friendly advice just give us a call..

Bike Parts

Car Parts


There are a lot of people offering this service with little or no experience and even offer to do whole engines.

No matter how good you think you have sealed or blocked off entry points the glass bead will get in and  seriously reduce the life expectancy of the engine. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

We are engineers and enthusiast with a passion for anything old and mechanical. We are not in pursuit of profit, quality and customer satisfaction is far more important to us.

Come along and see us or send in some pictures and we will give you the best possible price!