Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an ideal way of cleaning tired and gummed up carburetors. The problem with carburetors is that they are comparatively small and very complex. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to clean at a microscopic level and is ideal for cleaning small galleries and jets.

How Does It Work ?

Ultrasonic energy enters the liquid within the tank or bath, this causes the rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles; a phenomenon known as cavitation. These bubbles travel at high speed within the tank, causing them to implode against the surface of any immersed object with an enormous release of energy. As the bubbles implode and cavitation occurs, the cleaning solution rushes into the gap left behind by the bubbles, gently lifting any contaminants, dirt and tarnishing from both the surface and innermost recesses of intricately shaped parts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Images