Our Work on Television


We restored these bayonets for the queens diamond jubilee and the 70th anniversary of the Dam Busters. Its a contract we have had for many years and you can see a letter of thank you from the Queens colour squadron in our letters section” together with how it was done on our project page.

Wheeler Dealers 2013

We were approached in July 2013 by Attaboy TV who asked us to assist in restoring a damaged grille, body trims and hub caps from a Cadilac Dev Ville Coupe for a new series of Wheeler Dealers.

BBC Antiques Roadshow

This Daimler Dart was selected for the new series of the Antiques road show. when the producers looked at the car they asked for the overrider to be re-chromed. Subsequently our company  re-chrome the over rider for this car.

Sheila’s Wheels TV Advert

We restored the bright work on this Cadillac for a restoration company who prepared the car for the second series of adverts in 2004.