The company warrants to the customer that its plating and repair of the customers components will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Subject to the age, condition and type of base metal supplied to the company by the customer for the duration specified below, which begins on the date of invoice.

  • Re-claimed MazaK casting and Aluminium 3 months
  • New MazaK casting and new Aluminium 6 months
  • Re-Claimed Steel 6 months
  • New Steel 12 months
  • Stainless Steel 12 months
  • None Ferrous Alloys such as Brass and Copper 12 months

The company may increase the warranty period at its own discretion and each case will be judged on its individual merits in accordance with its care instructions and terms and conditions.

The finish warranty shall exclude any corrosion or cosmetic flaws after purchase or repair caused by chemicals, caustic cleaners, climate conditions or neglect.

In addition we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the finished product,you may return it to us within 7 days from the date of invoice and we will investigate.

At the company’s discretion we may offer to re-apply finishes or give a full refund after stripping and removing all of our electroplated deposits .This will exclude any repair work carried out by the company and or carriage costs. The customer is responsible for proof of date of purchase.

The company shall have no obligation to repair,replace or refund the plating cost until the customer returns the defective components for investigation.

In accordance with our terms and conditions the company cannot be held responsible for claims for accidental damage or negligence in fitting other than an authorized main dealer.